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To create a collaborative organization and a "movement" that fosters a world where people with differing abilities are always fully included.

  • To provide developmentally challenged adults with meaningful work opportunities at local farms, urban gardens, greenhouses and farm stands where they can grow and sell flowers and produce in the communities where they live. (Currently, 80% of developmentally challenged adults are unemployed.)
  • To rally individuals, small businesses and civic organizations to support the purchase of these products so that together we're taking care of each other. Because we believe that our communities are stronger when everyone has a stake in them...and that together is smart.
  • 1800Flowers.com delivers smiles every day by helping people express themselves and celebrate all of life's special moments. Smile Farms helps the company deliver even more smiles in a new and impactful way—it's a natural philanthropic fit. 1800Flowers.com supports many causes, but by creating a unified charitable purpose, stakeholders have a tangible expression of what it means to help in everyday life. The company will encourage vendors and friends to get involved by donating time and resources. Customers will also have the opportunity to get involved through point of purchase donations and other efforts.

    Smile Farms is a public charity. As a corporate sponsor, 1800Flowers.com will provide support via donations, volunteers, business mentorship, cause marketing campaigns with products, and most importantly, speading the message.