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Red & White Funeral Flowers

Express your heartfelt sympathies to friends & family with our beautiful red funeral flowers.

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Red and White Funeral Flowers

If you want to honor the life of a departed loved one, choosing red and white funeral flowers is a way to show both honor and reverence for the life lost, as well as lingering romantic love and respect. Cultures view death in different ways and assign colors different levels of significance when it comes to a loved one's passing. Whether you choose fragrant roses, eye-catching chrysanthemums, or delicate and graceful orchids, a blend of red and white funeral flowers will express your unique sentiment. You should also consider red and white sympathy flowers as a way to bring a burst of beauty to those mourning the loss of a cherished loved one.

Red Funeral Flowers

Red funeral flowers can be used to symbolize love and respect for the recently departed, as well as bring a message of courage to those left behind. Since red is often associated with romantic love, you might not immediately associate it with funeral arrangements or sympathy. However, darker red shades can denote a deeper level of sorrow and grief. If you plan to include red flowers in your funeral arrangement or send red sympathy flowers to those in mourning, there are several appropriate blooms to consider:

  • Roses - the everlasting symbol of love, red roses can also be used to convey sentiments of respect and sorrow when a loved one is lost
  • Chrysanthemums - in many countries, these colorful blooms are considered the ideal funeral flower as they are symbolic of grief and loss, and they come in a variety of shades from crimson to burgundy
  • Carnations - with so many options for arrangements from sprays to wreaths, these lighthearted blooms provide the perfect balance of hope and reverence
  • Tulips - If elegant, graceful blooms that speak of renewal and hope seem appropriate for your funeral service, red tulips provide the perfect décor